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Haerens group

Haerens is an international glass company with offices in Belgium and Spain.  The family business is an established value in the world of
high-tech glass.  Over the last 30 years the company has become
the market leader in heat-resistant glass. 

The headquarters of the Haerens Group are situated in Ghent, Belgium


Chantier Haerens was established in 1940 by Mr Charles Haerens as an industrial coal trader.

In 1960 Chantier Haerens introduced the first fireplace with heat recovery.  This revolutionary fireplace was a great success and Chantier Haerens became the Belgian market leader in fireplaces for 20 years.

In 1983 the company launched heat-resistant ceramic glass Neoceram in the Benelux; an innovative product that allowed the use of large and clear window panes in stoves and fireplaces.

From then on Haerens evolved into a modern glass production company, specialized in heat-resistant glass. With the acquisition of Vitrotec in 2013 the family company became the largest supplier of stove windows in the Benelux and Spain.

The Haerens group continues to grow and invest in new markets and new products.

Customer service




we adapt packing, quantity and delivery time to each customer's need

Highest glass quality



ultra clear glass, high precision and perfect finishing




long-term partnership and integration with our customer's supply chain and inventory management

Short delivery time



delivery possible within 24 hours

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We think and act with and for our customers


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