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lx  glass

Material: LX Radiation shielding glass

  • LX X-Ray Shielding Lead Glass offers excellent radiation protection and superb visual clarity.
  • Polished surfaces and perfect transparance.
  • Scratch resistant, and no discoloration due to radiation.
  • High quality optical grade, lead barium type, X-Ray Shielding Lead Glass that consists of over 60% heavy metal oxide that includes  minimum 55% PbO.
  • LX7 (7 mm) is used in most X-ray radiation applications.
  • LX9 (9 mm) and LX15 (15 mm) are used when greater protection is required, for example, in cancer/fluoroscopic treatment facilities.



Premium LX glass

Material: LX glass with special cover glass

  • LX Premium is LX glass mounted between two panels of protective sheet glass.
  • LX Premium glass can be cleaned with glass cleaners and detergents and offers excellent maintainability.
  • Is scratch resistant and eliminates the risk of stains and discoloration by chemicals.
  • Offers excellent impact resistance, radiation protection, perfect transparance and visual clarity.



LFX glass

Material: LX glass lead-free radiation shielding glass

  • LFX-9 is a new, lead-free radiation shielding glass.
  • It has been developped for the protection against low-energy X-rays in applications such as mammography.



Pro-gr glass

Material: gamma-ray shielding glass

  • Pro-GR is a high-tech glass for shielding high-energy gamma rays.
  • It is developped for special applications such as PET-based diagnosis that use high energy gamma rays.




Lab setters and measuring tables

Material: Vitrowhite: white heat-resistant ceramic glass

  • Resists exposure to extreme high temperatures and thermal shocks (up to 750°).
  • Vitrowhite has zero expansion coefficient and maintains its precision at high temperatures.
  • It is the perfect material for measuring tables in labs.
  • The inertia, zero-water absorption and chemical resistance make Vitrowhite ideal for use as setter and worktop in labs.


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