Premium Ceramic Glass

Our Premium Clear Neoceram glass is renowned for its high quality and its extreme heat resistance. It complies with the highest manufacturing standards, which makes it the #1 choice for any wood, gas or pellet stove. Haerens can supply full sheets as well as any custom cut-to-size pieces.

The most important properties are:

  • Withstands high temperatures (750 °C) and extreme temperature shocks
  • Smooth and ultra-clear surface thanks to its double-sided fully polished finish (no orange-peel look)
  • Environmentally friendly: our glass is free of any hazardous substances
  • Flat, curved or folded windows
  • Colour printing available
  • Available in different thicknesses
  • Possibility to add a sandblasted logo
  • Pre-assembly service: we offer in-house assembly of metal, rubber, ... profiles or parts to the glass

Anti-Reflective (AR) Premium Ceramic Glass

  • Unique process of applying an ultra-thin anti-reflection coating
  • 'Invisible glass': the AR coating reduces the reflection to less than 1 %
  • Great visual added value for gas fires

Heat-Reflective (HR) Premium Ceramic Glass

  • Special coating to reflect infrared rays inside the stove
  • HR glass results in increased temperatures of the window and thus an improved combustion
  • 'Self-cleaning' glass: increased temperature makes the soot particles on the glass burn
  • Ideal for wood-burning stoves and fireplaces


  • Black heat-resistant ceramic glass
  • Withstands temperatures up to 750 °C
  • Also used for cooktops
  • Easy to maintain & rustproof
  • Also ideal as backwall in gas fires:
    • Creates depth in the stove/fireplace
    • Results in a fuller flame
    • Deep black reflective effect


  • White heat-resistant ceramic glass
  • Withstands temperatures up to 750 °C
  • High chemical resistance
  • Examples: cooktops, laboratory materials and cover glass for integrated heaters in pergola roof
  • Easy to maintain